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The AWC Company is always interested in recruiting individuals with unique skill sets and a willingness to learn and grow with the company. All permanent employees are entitled to Employee Health Benefits, Uniforms and may contribute to an RRSP via Payroll Deductions.

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Delivering quality low pressure moulds (molds) & aluminum large & low volume seat moulds (molds) on time, every time, right the first time at a competitive price

The AWC Company is a full service global provider of innovative solutions, including the design and manufacture of aluminum large & small volume foam mould (mold) car seat tooling. Additionally, we are a supplier of low pressure permanent & semi-permanent die cast moulds (molds). We support these processes with full prototype development tooling, starting from ren models, to engineered designs. Although we do not promote production machining, we actively take castings from the moulds we produce & batch machine these castings through the development stages.

Our machining capabilities are state of the art. Utilizing powerful leading edge CAD/CAM software and computers, our CAD engineers can take your project from concept to design to the end product.

Car seat foam mould (mold) tooling, CNC cut prototype development & production tooling

  • Fully machined aluminum production seat mould (mold) cushions, 3 piece backs, drag-outs, pneumatically operated
  • Fully machined aluminum foam in place tooling for all of the above
  • Model, pattern, & cast tooling for all types of tools
  • Hybrid tooling which combines CNC cut patterns with castings' able to be machined to various degree's to suit customer needs. Especially useful to machine seal areas & reduce epoxy use
  • CNC cut small part tools. Headrest, armrest, covers etc
  • Prototype development tooling often CNC cut as it allows multiple changes to the tool without actually replacing the tool
  • Micro part tooling where plastic handles with foam are moulded together
  • Energy absorbing foam tooling CNC cut from aluminum

We fully produce this tooling from CAD data, design the tooling, verify with customers via GOTO meetings on the internet. We are currently shipping these tools to many places & achieving RFT parts in the process. We complete the process with test fixtures & checking templates which we also supply.